Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find your sleds?

Our founder, Eve, spends her (limited!) free time scouring yard sales, town dumps, Craigslist, newspapers, local auctions, eBay, and dozens of other outlets in her quest for cast-off Flexible Flyer sleds in need of restoration. Have a lead? Send an email!

What’s the restoration process like?

Each sled is unique in the amount of care it needs to be restored to it’s former beauty, but we work with a gifted local woodworker who carefully strips the sleds down, replaces any damaged wood, and then carefully refinishes them.

Can I hang my sled outside?

While our sleds are finished with only the highest-quality materials, to preserve the hand-painted images we recommend them for interior use only.

Can you paint an image on a sled I own?

We’re willing to discuss all sorts of unique projects! Just email us!

How much are the sleds?

Each sled is a unique work of art, and as such, the prices vary. We can also customize every aspect of a sled for you, from the color of the runners to the image painted on the top. Contact us for quotes.