Flexible Flyer: A sledding tradition continues

“If it snows in your hometown and you’re over the age of 35 or so, chances are the name Flexible Flyer takes you on a fast, fun trip down a snowy memory lane…

Flexible Flyer appraisals offer nostalgia for sled owners

“For most people who grew up riding Flexible Flyers, the true value these wooden sleds offer is a key back into childhood memories and nostalgia for a simpler time…”

Samuel Leeds Allen patents Flexible Flyer Sled

“Samuel Leeds Allen (1841-1918) was issued a patent on August 13, 1889, for the Flexible Flyer…”
Antiques & Collectibles: Vintage sleds are cool collectibles

“The Flexible Flyer sled, famously part of the classic film “A Christmas Story,” was first manufactured by Pennsylvania Quakers in the late 1800s…”